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4. Can you speak to their existing landlords and tenants?

“Of course you can!” Is the only legitimate response to this question and any professional Letting Agent would be happy to provide the contact details to you. Sadly on occasions the reality can be somewhat different.

You may conclude an Agent who doesn’t want you talking to their Landlords or Tenants may have something to hide, or at the very least, they have no idea if existing Landlords or Tenants are happy to chat to you!

Here at Regent Lettings we have an abundance of both Landlords and Tenants who are happy to share their experience of working with us and would welcome calls from people like you, much in the same way they refer business to us.

We have clients who are also customer of ours, that is to say they rent a property through Regent Lettings, as well as renting out a property or properties with us. They, really are familiar with all aspects of our service.

Please take the time to review the testimonials on our website? There you will find comments and feedback from our clients (Landlords) and customers (Tenants). Typically although we do not take it for granted, they have been delighted by the professional service that we pride ourselves on.

Next time we examine another critically important question.” How do they handle your deposit?”

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