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6. What steps does your letting agent take to protect your property?

“Every possible step” should be the answer! At Regent Lettings we like to be thorough when it comes to protecting your property in West Berkshire.

The protection process begins from when we first talk with a landlord to establish the profile of their ideal tenant, e.g. who is it they want to rent their property? We also check this is the best kind of tenant for that particular property.

Naturally we profile, screen and interview prospective tenants to closely match them with the wish list of tenants the landlord prefers. We are always mindful to lowering the risks by finding the best tenants, and those being considered will be subject to a credit check, credit profile, we check their rights to reside in the UK and we always take up references to ensure they are genuine applicants with supporting information. When necessary we will even visit prospective tenants at their existing home to double check that it represents a good prospective tenant for our landlords.

The first visit to a newly let property will be around six weeks from the commencement of the tenancy, during this visit we will risk assess with a view to determining the necessary frequency of visits going forward to ensure your property is being looked after. (It is also another reason we have never had anyone growing cannabis in any of our managed Landlords properties it takes 12 weeks to harvest a cannabis crop). We also provide ongoing support too, we constantly work with tenants to encourage them to look after a property responsibly via our feedback at regular property visits and further hints and tips of best practice in regular newsletters in addition to our day to day interaction with them.

Towards the end of a tenancy, is where what we call “tenant lethargy” can occur, having identified this as an issue, we also provide an end of tenancy review (around six weeks before the end date of the tenancy) with the tenant encouraging them by providing hands on advice and guidance on what they need to do to successfully end their tenancy agreement with you. This serves two important roles, first it eliminates the “lethargy” issue and secondly, assists the tenant with the best possible opportunity to get their full deposit back having successfully completed the works we asked them to complete before key surrender. If this does not happen we have a written record of the works we proposed they undertake, and if necessary this becomes the basis for the schedule of dilapidations to set against the tenants deposit if required. Hence your property is made good at the end of the tenancy at the tenants’ expense not yours, so your exposure financial risk is minimised.

A further degree of protection is offered via our managed services in the form of our unique video inventory, which we have provided since October 2011. The camera never lies and it helps avoid conflicts about the condition of a property and its contents.

Clearly any prospective lettings agent should be doing their utmost to protect your investment and they should offer a similar high standard as Regent Lettings. Contact us today, 01635 246333 ask for Graeme or Martin to discuss how we can protect your rental property which is quite possibly your most valuable investment of your portfolio.

Next we will, review Gas Safety Regulation

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  1. I think it’s great that a letting agent will profile, screen, and interview new tenants to look for what the landlord prefers. I used to live in an apartment that would not allow noisy people, and they would always interview new tenants to make sure. I think it’s great that there are companies that can make sure that your property will be protected.

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