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7. Do they fully understand the law regarding gas?

When it comes to gas safety there are no short cuts and any letting agency, whether in Newbury or Newcastle, should know chapter and verse of the legislation governing gas safety. Any hesitation when you ask? Move swiftly on!

A landlord has responsibility in statute to provide to a tenant a safe gas installation. If your letting agent fails to take up references you might get caught out with a nightmare tenant, but if they fail to heed to laws regarding gas safety… that can ultimately lead to a prison sentence and hefty fines for you, the landlord and / or agent
The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 requires that a Safe Gas registered engineer (this replaced the CORGI register) certify all gas appliances at the landlord’s expense. On no account can this responsibility be given to the tenant. These regulations build specifically on Section II of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

The responsibility is wider and clearly gas appliances need to be properly maintained as well as certificated as safe. When we take responsibility for the certification we normally arrange for equipment to be serviced at the same time a certificate is issued.
In our experience our Landlords are responsible and will strive to ensure this legislation is followed and often exceed its requirements; after all they are protecting their investment by ensuring tenants are safe and happy.

These laws are in place because faulty gas equipment can lead to fatal carbon monoxide poisoning and there is no room for short cuts when dealing with people’s lives. Sadly these cases are highlighted all to often in the media. Legislation is always tightening in this regard and smoke alarms (and Carbon Monoxide alarms are required where solid fuel or open fireplaces are available in a property.) All Regent Lettings managed properties are compliant and our systems and proceedures updated to ensure continued Landlord compliance.

So be sure to ask any prospective letting agent what they know about gas safety legislation and accept nothing less than the expertise we are proud to offer our landlords, to ensure the safety of their tenants.

In our next blog we will be exploring Fire Furnishing Regulations, another important safety consideration for landlords – and lettings agents should know all about it!

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