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Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP)

Often people refer to this service as the “tenancy deposit protection service.” We operate The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) which is a custodial scheme, meaning we do not hold the Tenant’s funds they are held securely in this government approved scheme. Not only does this service keep Landlords legally compliant it gives comfort to Tenants that their deposit is protected from the moment it is submitted, through to the end of the tenancy. Further that no one party without the agreement of the other party / parties. Any disputes at the end of the tenancy are mediated by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR) which is a free independent service and useful alternative to going to court. We have been members of The DPS since 2007 when it became a legal requirement for all Landlords or their agent to bond tenant deposits in one of three government approved schemes.

The DPS also financially support charitable organisations working with the UK housing sector.

For more information regarding the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) please follow this link to their website DPS or their logo at the bottom of this page.