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The Property Ombudsman’s Scheme (TPO)

We are members of the TPO, which provides you with the comfort that you have an independent professional service to support you should you feel you have a grievance or dispute with us.

The Ombudsman is there to support people with a free, impartial and independent service for the resolution of unresolved disputes between consumers and property agents. They have real powers to get things resolved. The Ombudsman’s resolutions are designed to achieve a full and final settlement of the dispute and all claims made by either party. The Ombudsman can, where appropriate, make compensatory awards in individual cases. They are a redress body who also make recommendations to central government departments that could shape future regulation of our industry.

We are pleased to report we have never had occasion to use the TPO service and in the unlikely event of a complaint occurring, we work hard to resolve the situation in a positive manner before it becomes a much bigger issue to manage.

For more information please follow this link to their website TPO or their logo at the bottom of this page.