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Right to Rent: letting agent ‘sentenced to five years’

Did you see the news? A letting agent sentenced to five years in jail, for Right to Rent offences.

It was a mock trial, at this year’s ARLA conference, but it shows the real risks faced by letting agents who fail to comply with Right to Rent legislation.

When the letting agent ‘defendant’ was found guilty (by a jury of fellow letting agents), it surprised many of the conference delegates. An even bigger shock was the sentence handed down to the guilty party – a five-year custodial sentence.

While letting agents are working hard to meet the new demands of Right to Rent, the ‘trial’ showed there are still plenty of dangerous misconceptions about the legislation among property professionals. And confusion over how to conduct Right to Rent checks properly could put letting agents at risk of criminal prosecution.

You can read my full report on the ‘trial’ – and what it reveals about Right to Rent – here.

If you’re at all unsure if you’re meeting your legal obligations under Right to Rent, or you’d like some expert advice on how to simplify compliance with the legislation, please get in touch with one of the Regent team on 01635 246334


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