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How does it work?


Having selected properties you would like to view, one of our local lettings team will arrange the viewing appointment and accompany you to the property or properties. Wherever possible we plan this at a mutually convenient time. As our team are local and know every property, we are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Occasionally the landlord will carry out a viewing and if he is not able to answer your queries we will be happy to help by phone or in person.


Once you find a property you like, simply fill in and submit the application form (provided at the time of the viewing or fill it in online here). On occasion a quick phone call may clear up any questions or supply additional information you need. We are on the end of phone to support you.

Please remember that not all letting agents are the same. Regent Lettings believes in “property with principles”. So we do not ask you for any monies until we have an agreement in principle to proceed with your application from the Landlord and you have seen a draft copy of your tenancy agreement.

Once we have the application agreed in principle, we will require your referencing fee and share of the inventory fee. If for any reason after this stage of the process the Landlord changes their mind, your money will be refunded to you in full. We will also re-double our efforts to find you another property.

However, funds may not be refunded if the tenant decides not to proceed for any reason, or if the tenancy fails to proceed due to incomplete or inaccurate information provided at the time of the application or reference stage. Any funds not expended will be repaid.

Moving home is stressful enough, so we try to keep it simple and we are fully transparent in our charges to tenants. So there are no sudden hidden charges, costs associated with renting explained